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What to bring for your dogs overnight stay

Please bring your dogs usual food they have been fed for a regular time before their stay to avoid any upset tummies.

If your dog has a daily dentastick or similar, this is also fine to bring.

We have plenty of dog beds here, plus full access to our sofas, chairs and knees but if you prefer, you can bring your own bed or blanket.  

All items brought must be itemised on the booking form, and are left at their own risk with the understanding that other dogs may sleep in, play with and POSSIBLY defluff!!  Every care will be taken to prevent this and feel free to just bring an old blanket with your smell on it which is of no sentimental value. 

Please let me know if your dog usually sleeps in a crate, and whether you want to bring their own. 

Food bowls are optional also. We have lots of extra bowls here :)

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