Frequently Asked Questions

Is every dog suitable for home boarding 

We provide a family environment which is suitable for friendly, family dogs. We cannot take any dog which exhibits AGGRESIVE TENDENCIES, or is not socialised. There is a big difference between a warning growl and an attack which will cause harm to other dogs. No dog is perfect, but we like our doggy guests to be reasonably obedient, calm, and certainly non-aggressive. We have 2 dog loving cats in the home who are very confident around dogs of all sizes. If you believe your dog would injure or kill one of the cats then it is best choosing a cat free place to stay. The cats are great for playful dogs who will benefit from spending time with cats who do not run when barked at :) 

Dogs must also be house trained and non destructive of doors etc. Of course, chewing of toys (and stealing the kids toys) is normal :) 

My dog is old and takes medication 

We go the extra mile when taking care of senior and dogs with health issues. We understand their needs. A nice quiet, comfy spot on the sofa is what we have found most older dogs prefer. We will ensure all medication/tablets are taken as prescribed by your vets. 

What will happen if my pet is ill while I am away

If we believe Veterinary treatment is necessary we will take your dog directly to your own vet, in preference, or otherwise to our own local vet. Any costs incurred will be reclaimed from you on your return. According to your instructions as to whether you’d like to be contacted & the nature of the treatment we will contact you on your emergency number. We will discuss what has happened and keep you updated of your pet’s progress.


  • We invite new customers to bring their dog along to meet us before a booking is made. This allows us to ensure your dog(s) get along with our own friendly dogs and any other dogs that may be staying and gives you the opportunity to view our facilities.

  • Full payment must be paid on of drop off (Day 1).

  • We cannot accept any dog without 

    proof of current vaccinations.

  • Miki’s Dog Sitting will not accept any liability for any contracted illness for which your dog has not been vaccinated against.

  • Your dog(s) must be in good health on arrival, and you agree to deliver your dog(s) in a clean condition, worm and flea treated

  • Whilst every possible care is taken of each dog we cannot be held responsible for loss either from illness or other causes whilst your pet is in our care, or during the transport to and from us. Nor for any of the owner’s property which is brought with the dog(s).

  • In the event of accident or illness, consent is given for a veterinary surgeon to be called for any attention or treatment that is deemed necessary. Vets fees are payable by the animal owner. We have public liability insurance that covers your pet whilst in our care.

  • If your dog(s) injures or cause the death of any other dog/animal in our care, owner will be liable to pay the full costs incurred. 

  • Any expenses which may have arisen must be paid before the dog(s) leaves our care.

  • If a dog is not collected within 7 days of the stated departure date, and no communication has been received from the client, Miki’s Dog Sitting will classify the animal as abandoned and attempt to re-home or send to a charitable animal organization.

  • Unfortunately, we cannot accept entire males apart from the odd exception of one that does not show entire male tendencies due to their current atmosphere.

  • In the case of a cancellation the whole period booked will be charged unless 

    2 weeks written notification of cancellation is given.

  • Photographs may be placed on Facebook, allowing our clients to ‘look in’ on their pet, while the dog is in our care.

  • We reserve the right to refuse to board any dog(s) not suitable for boarding.

  • In the event of an emergency and/or if we are unable to proceed with the booking we will endeavour to arrange an introduction to another suitable boarding service without any liability to us.

  • We reserve the right at our discretion to cancel a booking and refund your deposit without any liability to us.

  • If for any reason part of these terms and conditions is severed or void the remaining terms and conditions shall not be affected.